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Do you know which employee is vulnerable to phishing mails? With our on demand phishing simulator you can test your employees and see who is a risk to your business!

Highest Security

We are treating your company's data like no one else. With the highest possible security systems in place we are committed to a secure product.

Affordable Prices

Phishcom is available for everyone at an affordable rate. Our product starts at a price of 9,- € for a simple test package, which is less than your monthly Netflix expenses.

Many Templates

Prepared templates for your phishing test that are even rotating permanently to keep everyone busy. You don't have to design them unless you wish.

Free Update

Buy once and get permanently updated. If we develop new features they will be automatically applied to your account. We are just getting better!

Lightning Speed

Our on-boarding process lasts around 10 minutes. Start sending mails and text messages immediately after that. Everything prepared for your convenience.

Premium Domains

Phishcom offers many domains for your successful phishing test. Ranging from easy to hard you can choose the level your employees need to cover.

Core features

We are offering many features but some of them are needing definitely more attention.

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Phishing has never been easier!

With Phishcom you are able to test your employees' awareness by creating unique phishing mails for your company. You can choose the level your workers need to achieve!

Don't worry about our templates. You have the possibility to create your own attacks with your company's logo and one of our premium domains.

  • Pick one prepared attack or create one
  • Start the attack
  • Start analyzing the reaction
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Use Premium Typosquatting Domains for your attacks.

Say goodbye to bad phishing mails! We are permanently updating our available domains and templates to offer you the best possible service and keeping everyone on the move. Ranging from some of the fortune 100 companies to local competitors of our customers. We are updating the domains as soon as we are seeing new attack vectors.

Our Typosquatting domains are based on the selected templates and will be automatically picked. No need to search for the most fitting one.

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Different attacks for your company.

Phishcom does not only offer classic phishing mails with a link in it. That's so 90's style in our opinion! We offer different attacks and you can choose them by a single click! Competitors cannot offer all of them.

  • Phishing Mails with a link
  • SMS Phishing (Smishing)
  • Phishing Mails with credential harvesting
  • Phishing Mails with attachments
  • Phishing Mails with file downloads
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Generated statistics for your campaigns.

When it comes to phishing the results are interesting as hell. So we offer you the best looking statistics and let you export them in a single PDF. Now you have the possibility to share these document with all your company's colleagues and executives.

Oh and don't worry that your operators will see who fell for a trick. We are displaying all data based on the department not the user so no one can be blamed by the "attackers".


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How it Works

We designed Phishcom for your convenience. With three simple steps you are ready to go.

Still no clue how it

Don't worry it is pretty self explaining and easy as one, two, three:

  • Upload Your Targets

    Upload your targets one by one, import them from your AD or use a CVS File.

  • Pick a Template

    Select your targets and pick a template that your employees need to detect.

  • Fire it up

    Fire in the hole! - Now start with the attack and let the magic happen. Your statistics are permanently updated.

Sneak Peek

Want a short overview how the dashboard looks like? You are completely right! - Don't buy things you haven't even seen before.

Choose the best price
for you

We are offering prices for every company size. Just pick the right package and contact us! The prices may vary based on the user count.


from 0,60€

  • 30 Days Campaign
  • 3 Phishing Mails per User
  • 3 Templates
  • Limited Support by Zettasecure
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from 1,50€

  • 30 Days Campaign
  • 5 Phishing Mails per User
  • 2 Premium SMS - Smishing
  • 7 Templates
  • Limited Support by Zettasecure
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from 1,90€

  • 30 Days Campaign
  • 10 Phishing Mails per User
  • 5 Premium SMS - Smishing
  • 15 Templates
  • First Audit from Zettasecure
  • Personal Onboarding
  • Simple OSINT Analysis
  • Automatic-Mode
  • Limited Support by Zettasecure
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  • 30 Days Campaign
  • 3 User Limit
  • 3 Phishing Mails per User
  • 1 Premium SMS - Smishing
  • 3 Templates
  • Support inside the Help Center
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Frequently Asked

Please read our FAQ before contacting us. Maybe your question is answered in a blink of an eye.

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We are offering free trials for every customer. Just contact us and we will arrange a meeting together. The small package is only for companies that want to test a small amount of employees without paying our setup fee. So 9€ means 9€!

Don't worry about that. We are running completely green with our infrastructure and our private homes. All our and our customer's impact that couldn't be avoided will be compensated on a yearly basis. You can find more information about that on our homepage.

We are still developing our systems. Therefore not all features listed here are currently available. But stay tuned we will update the service on a regular basis and shortly you will get the full Phishcom package!

No one can 100% guarantee that your data will be safely stored and is unaccessible for others. We at Zettasecure are always trying our best and using multiple security concepts to ensure data security. The webpage will be protected by a WAF. As an addon we are using Cloudflare which helps us to reduce the impact at a DOS or DDOS attack. The website is fully written by us and no CMS is running in the background so no one can overtake our frontpage because there is no login mask. The Phishcom database is on a separate server and granular user permissions are set. We are using JWT for authentication which is state of the art and rotating our encryption keys on a monthly basis. Your passwords are saved by using an Argon2 hash which is better than any other hashing algorithm as per now. So yea we are pretty state of the art!

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